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Have you had weight loss surgery and now have regained some weight? Are you worried you've stretched out your weight loss surgery?
Do you want a RESET or a DO OVER?
Are you newly out from surgery and just want to know the BEST Ways to keep the weight off? 

Then this course is a MUST for you!

I have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off through my unique system.

You see, working as a weight loss surgeon and nutrition expert, helping people who really couldn’t lose weight and keep it off, taught me that weight loss is far more than a food and exercise issue.

It’s a trauma issue, way of thinking issue, a beliefs and habits issue and related to self love.

Not what you’re used to hearing right?

And I don’t believe in strict rules, or fad diets.

BUT I have had incredible success with people who never thought they’d be able to lose weight and keep it off.

Because I got to the root cause and taught them simple, practical, achievable steps that anyone can use.

Just ask my weight loss surgery patients!

And now I want to share these techniques with you.

In this video course, I explain everything your surgeon didn't tell you.



Video 3: Weight Loss Stalls

Video11: Mechanisms Of Action of Surgeries

Video 14: Surgical Revision Options

Video 18: What to Eat To Get Back On Track

Video 24: Emotional Aspect of Weight Regain



You will learn the daily habits, what to eat, and the routines that lead to long term weight loss success, even IF you believe your surgery has stretched. 

You will learn NONsurgical options to fix your surgery.

This online course will give you a REAL ACTION PLAN on what to do to STOP your weight regain after weight loss surgery.

What is in this course?

This 26 Video Course will cover:

1) The surgical anatomy of different weight loss surgeries--band, sleeve, RNY gastric bypass, duodenal switch, SIPS, and mini-gastric bypass

2) What are the REAL causes weight regain

3) How to get back on track with your food

4) How to get back on track with your mind

5) What to EAT to PREVENT or STOP weight regain.

6) An Action Emergency Game Plan to DO.


This course is good for ANY surgery and will be great for BOTH PREOPS and POSTOPS!

I was selling this course for $897, but I know so many people need this valuable work. So I want to share it with you today for

ONLY $297!


3 Payments of $99


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Why Dr. V Knows What To Do To Help You


"The educational part is fundamental to get a bariatric surgery, I am pre op and I have not been receive all the information you teach in this course!"

Preop Patient

"Eye opening! Had RNY in 2013. Wish I stumbled across you back then. Glad I'm here now."

RNY Gastric Bypass Patient

"Wow, 2 1/2 years after my surgery I am just now learning what to do after my surgery. I went from having surgery to spending 12 weeks in hospital with severe nausea and then I spent 3 months with a psychologist who told me to eat anything i liked as long as i got back to eating, so i ended up slowly eating my way back with crackers, chips and other junk, eventually tolerating everything and then regaining some weight. This is all . so new to me its like starting from beginning again, except I think I have stretched my sleeve so now Its going to be harder, but doable.. Thank you Dr V"

Gastric Sleeve Patient

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