Weight Loss Surgery?

But you're unsure of what to expect? I will teach you what you need to know to prepare for success.


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This Course Will Teach You

How To Prepare For
Weight Loss Surgery Success


This course answers all your questions in order to get ready for surgery and know how to be successful and confident through the process.

It’s the key teachings I’ve used with thousands of weightloss patients to feel in control, know what to expect and what are the right steps to take.

There are some things the doctors don’t always tell you that you really need to know.

Common questions my patients have are:

- What happens during their time in hospital and how to prepare before they go.

- What complications could happen during and after surgery and how to avoid them.

- How to get your life back on track, be successful and what to expect to feel.

I developed my unique system to help people like you that weren’t getting all the answers they needed from the medical industry.

This course gives you the support you need to be successful and confident before, during and after your surgery.

It's about PREPARING FOR SUCCESS. And when it comes to preparing people for weight loss surgery success, I'm the best.

Going for surgery can be a scary thing and there are lots of things to know.

What is in this course?--This course consists of 4 talks I gave, broken up into 4 videos for you, that explain the PERIOPERATIVE PERIOD.

You will learn:


  • what to do while in the hospital
  • what to expect your first month after surgery
  • when to return to work
  • what complications could happen and how to deal with
  • what to expect long term, and so much more.

    In this course are:
  • 4 lectures, broken down into 4 videos that I have used with thousands of weightloss patients to give them the confidence and advise they need to prepare for and be successful after surgery
  • 4 Self-Assessment Quizzes to help you master the content
  • 3 Downloadable PDF’s to keep as easy reminders


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Like all of Dr. V's online courses, this course is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, but we know that we are delivering way more value than $17 so that you'll want to keep this course forever.

Dr. Duc Vuong

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