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What This Online Course Will Teach You

Why Obesity Is A
Money Issue

How To Stop
Your Money Losses

How To Make Money Safely and Easily

Do You Wish You Had More Money?

Are you struggling to manage your money? 

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by? 

Do you feel that being healthy is too expensive? 

Do you dread that something might go wrong and you won’t have the money to pay for it?

I’m Dr V and I created one of the most sustainable weightloss programs in the world. The reason it worked so well was because I realised that weightloss is about far more than just weight.

I know from working with thousands of patients, that obesity is a money issue.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’m doing OK,” “I’m getting by,” but are you really?

Do you spend beyond what you earn?

Do you never have anything left over?

The shocking fact is that most Americans don’t have more than $500 in savings, if they lost their job they would be on the verge of being homeless.

 I don’t want that for you.


This course is not what you would expect.

I am NOT going to tell you to just save money.

I am NOT going to advise you on what investments to make.

I AM going to show you how obesity and health is a money issue and how to break free.

I AM going to show you how to stop your money losses and start over.

I AM going to show you how to increase your income. 

I AM going to show you that most of what you think about money is probably wrong.

I AM going to show you that if you don’t sort out your money issues, then you are likely to be obese.

Most people are one paycheck away from financial disaster.

I want to change that for you. 

I was a real estate investor that lost millions in real estate as I was under insured when a hurricane hit. I know how life can be unpredictable, and how the information in this course can change your life and protect your future.

It doesn’t matter how much you earn, it only matters how much you keep. Let me show you how you can start having more money today.

I am also going to give you an opportunity at the end of the course to increase your income straight away.


5 Modules, about 20 mins each with workbooks.

5 Videos Where I Explain Money From A Refugee Perspective.

6 bonus videos, where you get to hear from other leaders, including the millionaire bonus video which I filmed with my mentor Greg Reid.

This course is regularly $297.

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"Fantastic course Dr. V! Always positive and encouraging! :-)"

Jennifer S.
Entrepreneur, Albuquerque

"This opened my mind to new ideas and reminded me of some old ones."

Debbie D.
Mother, New Mexico

"Absolutely amazing!!! I am going to start utilizing the skills I learned from this course to increase my positive money drip and to stop the negative drips."

Tabatha H.
Farmington, NM

Like all of Dr. V's online courses, this course is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, but we know that we are delivering way more value than $97 so that you'll want to keep this course forever.

Dr. Duc Vuong

Helps you break unwanted patterns, start over, so you can #bemore.

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