Do You Know How Much
After Weight Loss Surgery?

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Stretch Out Your Surgery!

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS VIDEO: 1) A simple way to measure your food. 2) Techniques to keep you on track with your eating 3) Ways to overcome the mental aspects of eating


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"Have I Stretched Out
My Surgery?"

Are you worried you've stretched out your weight loss surgery? Have you regained a few pounds and now wondering if you've ruined your chance at success? Are you struggling to lose those last few extra pounds? 

Have you tried a lot of diet and exercise programs after surgery but you're still stuck on a plateau? 

I have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off through my unique system.

You see, working as a weight loss expert and surgeon, helping people who really couldn’t lose weight and keep it off, taught me that weight loss is far more than a food and exercise issue.

It’s a trauma issue, way of thinking issue, a beliefs and habits issue and related to self love.

Not what you’re used to hearing right?

And I don’t believe in strict rules, or fad diets.

BUT I have had incredible success with people who never thought they’d be able to lose weight and keep it off.

Because I got to the root cause and taught them simple, practical, achievable steps that anyone can use.

And I want to share them with you.

In this video course, I explain why a sleeve or bypass fails, the ONLY way to determine if your surgery has stretched, and what to do about it to fix the problem.

You will learn the daily habits, what to eat, and the routines that lead to long term weight loss success, even IF you believe your surgery has stretched. 

You will learn NONsurgical options to fix your surgery.

What is in this course?--This course consists of two talks I gave, broken up into 4 videos for you, that explain the causes of weight loss surgery failures.

What you get:
  • An 2 lectures, broken down into 4 videos that you keep for life, totaling 90 minutes.
  • 4 Self-Assessment Quizzes to help you master the content.
  • 1 Video showing you What to Eat
  • 3 Videos of sample barium swallows
  • A beautiful downloadable 13 page PDF on "Conquer Hunger Forever” that teaches you how to understand what’s really making your hungry and gives you the tools to overcome it. 
I was selling this course for $99, but I know so many people need this valuable work. So I want to share it with you today for

ONLY $17!


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